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Form Fill Seal (FFS) Machine is primarily categorized into two types. First one is known as Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) Machine, and later one is known as Horizontal Form Fill Seal (HFFS) Machine. The common objective of both types of machines is to roll the packaging material, shape the packing material and seal the packaging material. There are several engineering units across the nation, but the best quality FFS Machine in India and that too at an affordable price; is only available at Spark Technologies. We don’t hire any unskilled or inexperienced people because we primarily focus on quality for our clients.

If you are strongly looking for detailed information, then we have a team of expert engineers. They shall guide you concerned products related to your current requirements. Generally people do not consult and buy a machine from open market. Some people take decisions on the grounds of what they feel is good according to their thought process. After purchasing the machinery, they start facing severe troubles and all their invest goes into risk. Here at Spark Technologies, we assure you for best quality than what is available in open market. Proper consultation will be delivered before purchasing the machine.

All the required post purchase customer service and technical assistance will also be delivered on timely basis. In short, we take care of our clients from bottom to top. FFS Machine in India is also available in open markets, but it’s advised to beware of the bad quality. There is no guarantee, no customer service, no technical support and no consultation; when you buy the FFS Machine in India from an open market.

Milk Power, Ground Coffee, Ground Spices Detergent, Instant Coffee , Turmeric Coffee, Chilly Powder, Heena Powder , Glucose and other products in powder form. (Specially designed to control weight variation in powder items) it can be control up to+.5% to +.1% (Subject to filling condition of product) Best alternate of augar base form fill and seal machine.

Optional Attachment
Date code imprinter (Mechanical and Electronics as Desired).
Out feed conveyor.
Bucket and screw feed Elevator.
Gas flushing lubricant pump.
Automatic lubrication pump.
Variable speed pully.
Vibrator attachment.
Heater indication lamp or alarm System if any one heater fails the machine automatically stops or indication lamps indicate on control panel.
Running adjustment to control weight variation during running condition of Machine.
Stainless Steel cover of Machine.
Electronic Counter.