Pneumatic Machine in India

Automated Pneumatic Machine in India

Pneumatics is the part of an engineering technology, where pressurized gas is responsible for creating motion. According to one of the Newton’s three laws of motion, an object never moves until an external force is applied on it. This law is applicable on every machine whether it’s electric machine or hydraulic machine or pneumatic machine. In an electric machine, electric power applies that force. In a hydraulic machine, liquid is responsible behind application of force. Similarly in a pneumatic machine, the external force is applied through pressurized gas such as air or some other kind of gas. It may be any kind of gas depending on the type of machine. Various types of pneumatic systems are used extensively in industries. Most of the pneumatic machines are commonly powered with the help of compressed inert gases. In some machines, the compressed air is also used. When comparing hydraulics with pneumatics; both are technically and mechanically considered as functioning through applications of fluid power. The only difference is that a pneumatics machine uses easily compressed gas which may also be air, or some other but pure gas. The hydraulics machine in comparison to Pneumatic Machine in India uses liquid (such as oil) to create the external force. So, these are the basic differences between types of machines. In most of the cases the compressed air used in Pneumatic Machine in India, is either nitrogen gas or some other gas such as pure inert gases. The use of pure inert gas is rarely done in pneumatic systems, and is used only when there is a strong need of some sort of special applications. In a pneumatic machine, the air is generally pumped into the receiver of the pneumatic system with the help of a compressing machine.

Benefits and Advantages of Pneumatic Machine
Safety for Workers: As the Pneumatic Machines work with the help of air, there are least chances of any kinds of accidents. So, from the safety point of view it’s the best choice. Fire problems will not affect these machines because air is incombustible. Apart from this, if there are any kinds of leakages in these machines, it’s not going to affect anyone working near them.

Availability of Raw Material: As explained above, a Pneumatic Machine in India uses air to operate which is successfully available everywhere. The amount of air is abundant and available free of cost. As a result, it is very easy to repeatedly re-stock the machine with air. If you still need more guidance or would like to consult with one of our experts about your requirements, then kindly please feel free to contact us. We at Spark Technologies would be more than happy to assist you. Our engineers manufacture only high quality products and company sells them at affordable price.

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the machine automatically Forms, Fills and seals the pouch made from a heat sealable film roll kept at the rear side of the machine

Injection System
Product feeding and measuring system known as injection volumetric type, unique single cup reciprocating cupfiller providing on the top of the FFS allows you to fill the preset quantity of product in each pouch. This operation synchronized with over specification of the FFS machine through the PLC.

The machine will form fill and seal the product in the pouches with in the accuracy of ±0.5%. However, it depends on the density of the products to be packed.

Sealing System
An impulse sealing system of unique design helps to use different types of films (virgin and laminated) in the same machine. FFS machine provided with the continuous sealing is suitable for laminated films.

Quick Change Over (Unique Design)
Quick change over of pack size is possible since changes over parts are designed for quick adjustment/ repositioning/replacement.

Easy Operation
Operation of the machine is easy, user friendly; it is designed to suit our country and our people.